We advise to opt for a weapon with a conventional bolt action. South Africa prohibits the temporary importation of semi-repeating weapons for the purposes of hunting. No semi-repeating weapons may be brought into the country.

Shots will range between 80 to 180 yards. We recommend calibers ranging from .308 winchester to .338 for general plains game safaris, with .270 being the legal minimum caliber for plains game in South Africa.

In the case of dangerous game we recommend a minimum caliber of .375, which is the legal minimum caliber for dangerous game in South Africa. We recommend to use a caliber which is common in South Africa, as ammunition may then be obtained in South Africa if the need may arise for any reason.

The weapon to be used is the ultimate decision of the hunter, but we will always provide you with advise to help you decide on a caliber and ammunition that will be best suited to your safari, in accordance to the species you wish to harvest.

Caliber Recommendations


For general plains game species a minimum caliber of .270 is necessary.


For dangerous game and thick skinned species, a minimum caliber of .375 is necessary.


We recommend a minimum of 60 cartridges per caliber.


For bird hunting we recommend a minimum of 100 cartridges ranging between # 4 and # 8.
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